Brisbane CityCat Ferry

CityCats (cat being an abbreviation of catamarans) are one of the fastest, and most enjoyable ways to get around the riverside areas of the Brisbane CBD. They are exceptionally quick, don't get caught in traffic jams, and the view is better than what you see from behind a car windscreen. It's many Brisbanites preferred method of transportation during busy peak hours.

As a tourist you don't even need to be going anywhere. Staying on the CityCat for a complete loop will show you most of the river areas, return you to your original port and charge a fraction of what a tour cruise would in many other river cities.  Sit out the front to experience the fresh river breeze on your face, out the back to appreciate the view or sit inside out of the breeze and rain.

You can stay up to date at work, University or School as all CityCat’s have built in WiFi which allows access to UQConnect and EduRoam. The CityCat Ferries operate through most of the day with the first route starting at 5:25am and the last ferry docking as late as 12:55am right through the week. To keep updated, check out the TransLink ferry timetable information here, or plan your journey here.CityCat Ferry Map and Timetable

Ferry Tickets & GoCards

Due to current covid restrictions, customers are not currently able to purchase tickets on board ferries (as per Translink guidelines). Passengers must travel with a Go Card or a paper tickets which can purchased from train stations, busway stations and major transport interchanges.

Please see their website for more details.

The cheaper option to the almost completely phased out paper ticket system is the Translink Go Card; an electronic ticket that you can swipe as you get on and off public transport for hassle free travel. The card works on all public transport in Brisbane which includes buses, train and the CityCat ferry services.

You can top up the balance of your Go Card at pay stations around major terminals then simply scan your card as you get on the ferry and when you get off. Your fare will automatically be deducted from the balance on your card and also display the remaining balance. There is no problem with using multiple transport routes and types, your Go Card will work out from the swipes that you are on one journey and charge you accordingly.

City Ferry Services

There is a smaller ferry service that still operates, mostly just as cross river services. The vessels used for this are the old City Ferries that were eventually replaced by the larger, faster CityCats.

Cross-river services are operating between Bulimba and Teneriffe, Norman Park and New Farm Park and between Thornton Street and Eagle Street Pier, about every 10 to 15 minutes. Holman Street terminal remains closed until further notice.

Terminal nameLocation
University of Queensland Sir William Macgregor Dr, St Lucia
West End Hoogley St, West End
Guyatt Park Macquarie St, St Lucia
Regatta Coronation Dr, Toowong
North Quay 1and 2 Queens Wharf Rd, North Quay
South Bank 1and 2 South Bank Parklands
QUT Gardens Point Alice St, City
South Bank 3 South Bank Parklands
Maritime Museum (River Plaza) Dock St, South Brisbane
Thornton Street Thornton St, Kangaroo Point
Eagle Street Pier Eagle St, City
Holman Street Holman St, Kangaroo Point
Riverside Riverside Centre, Eagle St, City
Dockside Ferry St, Kangaroo Point
Sydney Street Sydney St, New Farm
Mowbray Park Park Ave, East Brisbane
Norman Park Wynnum Road, Norman Park
New Farm Park Brunswick St, New Farm
Apollo Road Apollo Road, Bulimba
Norman Park Wynnum Road, Norman Park
Hawthorne Gordon St, Hawthorne
Bulimba Oxford St, Bulimba
Apollo Road Apollo Road, Bulimba
Teneriffe Commercial Rd, Teneriffe
Brett's Wharf Kingsford Smith Dr, Hamilton

Brisbane City Cat Terminals:

The 2011 Brisbane Floods and the breaking of the Brisbane River banks deeply impacted upon the CityCat and Ferry services as well as some of the terminals. Several Ferry Terminals, many of them highly popular, were out of action for some time.

A huge council and community effort has seen almost all the old City Cat Terminals restored and functional.The City Cats operate through most of the day with the first route starting at 5:25am and the last ferry docking as late as 12:55am right through the week.