Currency used in Brisbane

The official currency in Australia is the Australian dollar. The value of the Australian dollar goes up and down like a yo-yo and in the last few years has been as low as US$0.45 and throughout 2010 and 2011 reached equivalent and surpassed the US Dollar.

In February 2013 you can get roughly this amount of Australian dollars for the various foreign currencies. This will help give you a rough idea as conversions change from day to day.

  • 1.00 USD = 1.12 AUD
  • 1.00 JPY = 0.011 AUD
  • 1.00 GBP = 1.88 AUD
  • 1.00 EUR = 1.55 AUD

There are many currency exchange shops in the Brisbane Airport and throughout downtown Brisbane, so you'll never be without easy cash.

Most foreign exchange places will charge about 5-10% for the amount of currency you want to exchange. A way to get around this is to mainly use a credit card as much as possible since they usually only charge around 2% for currency exchange. A few credit card companies won't even charge for exchanging currency!

    Currency Converter

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