Brisbane Fishing

Brisbane River, having been the central hub of a rapidly expanding population centre, has taken a bit of a hiding with issues such as pollution causing a once prolific ecosystem to go into decline. Once a source of food for the Aboriginal population, the Brisbane River now struggles to support a fishing culture.

It's not all doom and gloom however. Over recent years we've become more aware of what it takes to maintain a healthy river and as a result, more species such as Bream, Flathead, Threadfin Salmon and the indomitable catfish are beginning to return to the river and once again take up residence.

If you're keen to get out into (and beyond) Moreton Bay, the following list of Brisbane fishing charter companies can get you out where the reel (sic) game is.

Brisbane Fishing Charters

  • South Pacific Cruises 86 Wynnum Rd (07) 3399 5193
  • Just Fishing 464 South Pine Rd (07) 3855 2511
  • Martin Cowling Fishing Consultant Kirkwood St (07) 3283 3308
  • Brisbane Fishing Charters 3 Lockleys Crs (07) 3341 3099
  • Anne's Sport fishing Charters 24 Grattan Tce (07) 3396 2149