National Parks in Brisbane

Brisbane Forest Park offers the facilities for barbecues, fireplaces, picnic shelters and there are also tables provided. If you're up for roughing it in the bush then there are plenty of secluded campsites off the beaten track in the park's back country. However, before you pitch the tent remember that you've got to swing by the Brisbane Forest Park Headquarters to obtain a permit.

Enjoying a picnic in the park is easy at one of the many recreation areas on offer. Some of the more popular sites include Mt Coot-tha, Ironbark Gully and Bellbird Grove which are all within 30 minutes drive of the CBD. But why stop that far from the city? Why not go further? Well you can! If you venture out you'll find great locations like Boombana, Mailala, Cedar Flats, Camp Mountain and Jolly's Lookout.

Camping bookings, camp data and details about park closure can all be found at the Environment and Resource Management website.

Brisbane National Parks Links

Fig Trees at Botanic Gardens, Fence Blue Lake National Park - of North Stradbroke Island is now Naree Budjong Djara National Park. See further down.

Bribie Island Recreation Area - 65 km north of Brisbane and linked to the mainland by a road bridge, Bribie Island offers a great escape not far from the city. Take in the beautiful coastal scenery as you camp, fish and go boating in the surrounding waters. Head out there in spring and you’ll see some amazing wildflowers in bloom.

D'Aguilar National Park - Only about 10 to 30km out of the city, you’d be amazed at the remote gorges and pockets of subtropical rainforests within half an hour drive of tall city buildings. Hike through the rainforests and eucalypt bushland and up the mountain to see spectacular views of Moreton Bay.

Bunyaville Conservation Park - Right in Brisbane is a peaceful bush retreat and wildlife haven that is home to a number of Australian Species. Come and visit the Conservation Park and explore the walking, mountain biking and horse riding trails only 15km out of the CBD.

Daisy Hill Conservation Park - Only 25km south east of Brisbane, the Daisy Hill Conservation Park is a significant protected habitat for Koalas. The 445ha of eucalypt forest is home to the Daisy Hill Koala Sanctuary where they treat and protect Koalas, rehabilitating into and protecting them in the wild.

Fort Lytton National Park - On the southern banks of the Brisbane River in Lytton you’ll find what’s left of an old military fort. Built in 1881, Fort Lytton was used for the defence of Brisbane right up until the end of World War II. The pentagonal fortress is concealed behind grassy embankments and is an important historic site.

Moreton Bay Marine Park - Right at Brisbane’s doorstep, Moreton Bay stretches from Caloundra to the southern tip of South Stradbroke Island. The waters are a playground for anglers, divers, boarders and boaters alike. There are some remarkable wrecks to dive through and explore, there’s whale watching and boat charters that show you some of the greatest sites of the bay.

Moreton Island National Park - Only a ferry ride out of Brisbane, Moreton Island is a relaxing paradise amid tranquil waters and warm sunshine. There are camping grounds, bush walking tracks and plenty of beaches in the Park and development has been capped to ensure 95% of the island remains National Park.

Naree Budjong Djara National Park - Also known as North Stradbroke Island, this National Park is known to the traditional owners (the Quandamooka people) as Minjerribah. The island is only 40km to the south east of Brisbane at the eastern side of Moreton Bay. Here you can explore the bushlands, go four wheel driving, traverse the wetlands, swim in freshwater lakes and even spot turtles and dugongs.

Southern Moreton Bay Islands National Park - Only a couple of Kilometres offshore in the southern end of Moreton Bay there are 5 islands that make up the Southern Moreton Bay Islands. These islands are the perfect place for secluded trips away from city life without the usual tourist crowds. Go boating, camping, boarding, jet skiing, swimming or hiking here but make sure you keep your eyes open for turtles, dugongs and a vibrant selection of birdlife.

St Helena Island National Park - Situated in Moreton Bay, you can get to St Helena Island from Manly or New Farm. The picturesque island was once a penal colony and has had a turbulent history. You can tour the stone ruins of the colony for an insight into the 19th century life of some of Queensland’s earliest convicts.

Venman Bushland National Park - 40km south of the city, this National Park is one of the largest remaining areas of eucalypt forest in the coastal lowlands near Brisbane. It has become an important habitat for Koalas and other native wildlife. Wander through the bushwalking tracks and keep an eye out for some of Australia’s shy native wildlife.

Great Walks of Queensland – For locations and detailed information about walking trails through Queensland forests visit the Great Walks of Queensland. You can find walks that take you past remarkable geological formations, tranquil lagoons, ancient rainforests and a treasure trove of native wildlife. These walking tracks are well maintained and located in four magnificent World Heritage Areas.