Kangaroo Point - Brisbane Tourist Guide

Kangaroo Point, considered one of Brisbane's oldest suburbs (and Queensland's first penal settlement), is situated just outside of the city above the Brisbane River and has quite a rich history.

Well known for the Kangaroo Point Cliffs which are located on the east bank of the river, Kangaroo Point is also home to some of Brisbane's most iconic landmarks. There's the Cliffs, Brisbane's Story Bridge and Yungaba House, an iconic building that was constructed in the 1880's. 

The amazing views that can be witnessed from Kangaroo Point make the suburb not only a fantastic picnic and lookout spot, but a very popular location for rock climbers and abseilers.

At night these rhyolite cliffs light up with tiny lights which allow climbers to use the area at night. 

The area is also a popular walking spot with a particularly popular walk taking you under the Story Bridge to Dockside. Underneath the cliffs is the popular Story Bridge Hotel which is great for a drink in the afternoon.

Also directly below the cliffs is Captain Burke Park which is a popular picnic and BBQ area. It offers great views of the river and you can watch the rockclimbers go up and down the cliffs. It's no wonder that this suburb is a popular choice for those visiting in Brisbane - browse for Kangaroo Point accommodation and book online!

Abseil The Cliffs of Kangaroo Point

Abseil The Cliffs of Kangaroo Point At Sunset

Book TourAbseil the cliffs of Kangaroo Point at sunset for Brisbane's best view. Do something a little different at sunset and repel down the spectacular cliffs of Kangaroo Point. It's only a matter of confidence - let skilled and friendly instructors guide you on a gorgeous, adventurous evening out.


Rock Climbing at Kangaroo Point

Rock Climbing

Book TourEver wanted to try something really exciting? Why not rock climbing at Kangaroo Point? You will be taught the necessary safety techniques, before being eased into your first climb by an experienced instructor! This is an adrenalin pumping experience not to be missed!


Yungaba House

Yungaba houseYungaba House is a beautiful old mansion at Kangaroo Point, with Italianate-style architecture and an iconic standing as a historical treasure for both the suburb and heritage of Brisbane.

Established in 1887, the construction of Yungaba House was a defining moment for Kangaroo Point, which at the time was populated mostly with boiling, engineering and locomotive industries with only a few dozen homes.

First built as an immigration depot, Yungaba House was the first port of call for the many migrants who came to Queensland for over 100 years.

Yungaba House has since had many different purposes, including being the headquarters of the project team that were designing and building the Story Bridge. Recently though the building has been used for office and meeting facilities for ethnic community groups and commercial entities. Yungaba house in 1880s

Development is currently underway of the property to transform it into a block of luxury residential apartments.

Find out more about Yungaba at the Yungaba Story.

Location: Wharf Street, Kangaroo Point - Please note that visitors are not able to access the building however it is viewable from the Yungaba RiverWalk.

Come along and visit the Yungaba Sales Centre on RiverWalk which will soon have a cafe/kiosk.