Brisbane Education & Schools

Brisbane has a wide range of educational and training facilities for all ages, to be expected for a modern Australian city.

Most Queensland children start Prep in the year in which they reach the age of five before June. Prep was introduced in 2007 to replace preschool and is available in all Queensland state schools and most non-state schools offering a primary program.

Children can either study at state (government funded) or private schools. They can also choose to study by distance education or home schooling. Many of the independent schools are run by religious organisations, however there are some that are non denominational.

High school ends for Queensland students at the age of 17 or 18 and finish off their year by receiving an Overall Position (OP) which is an entrance rank for selection into tertiary education.

There are several universities in Brisbane and other tertiary education facilities like TAFE colleges and private training institutions. Many of the Brisbane universities have on campus living and Colleges making them very popular with international students. Tertiary programs are not just open for school leavers but also adults choosing to return to education.

For those who simply want to attend a course for fun or interest there are a variety of short courses available at colleges and community centres. You’re never too old to go back to school! As the motto goes “Queensland: The Smart State”.

Schools in Brisbane

School Holiday Dates

Queensland's school holiday dates are set by the Department of Education, Training and the Arts. Private schools base their holidays around the state school dates but often start earlier and end later. 

School Holiday Dates for 2015

  • Summer Holidays - Sat 13 Dec 2014 - Mon 26 January 2015
  • Autumn Holidays - Fri 3 April 2015 - Sun 19 April 2015
  • Winter Holidays - Sat 27 June 2015 - Sun 12 July 2015
  • Spring Holidays - Sat 19 September 2015 - Mon 5 October 2015
  • Summer Holidays - Sat 12 December 2015 - Sun 24 January 2016

Student free days for 2015

  • Thursday 22 and Friday 23 January
  • Monday 19 October

School Holiday Dates for 2016

  • Summer Holidays - Sat 12 December 2015 - Sun 24 January 2016
  • Autumn Holidays -Fri 25 March 2016 - Sun 10 April 2016
  • Winter Holidays - Sat 25 June 2016 - Sun 10 July 2016
  • Sring Holidays -Sat 17 September 2016 - Mon 3 October 2016
  • Summer Holidays - Sat 10 December 2016 - Sat 22 January 2017