Brisbane Weather - 2 Day Forecast

Brisbane Weather - 2 Day Forecast Location Map

The weather in Brisbane is comfortable and sub-tropical. The city of Brisbane enjoys a very enviable climate of brilliant hot summers and clear mild winters. These enticing attributes ensure that Brisbane is idyllic for visitors all year round.

Whilst summer maximum average temperates generally linger around 30°C, the summer months have some extremely hot days. Sunscreen, hats and protective clothing is essential in Brisbane throughout summer and is highly advised throughout the year.

The winter is mild and very pleasant. Most winter days are sunny with average temperatures of around 17°C. Average monthly rainfall over the year is around 96 millimetres. With an average of 8 hours of sun per day.

Queensland Floods

It's no secret that Brisbane was dealt a blow with the Queensland Floods at the start of 2011 - find out more about what happened, what was affected and why you should still visit the beautiful city of Brisbane!

Historical Brisbane Weather Data

 Mean tempMax average tempMin average tempMean rainfallWind speed average
(December / January / February)
28.4°C 29.2°C 20.4°C 150.4mm 10.9 km/h
( March / April / May)
21.1°C 25.8°C 16.4°C 102.3mm 9.2 km/h
(June / July / August)
15.6°C 21.2°C 10.1°C 56.7mm 9.4 km/h
(September / October / November)
20.8°C 26°C 15.6°C 73.0mm 10.6 km/h

Brisbane Australia Weather Information

Latitude: 27 degrees, 23 minutes south
Longitude: 153 degrees, 7 minutes east

Standard time zone: UGT/GMT +10 hours
No daylight saving time at present.

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