2011 Brisbane Floods

Brisbane is Open for Business!

From December 2010 to February 2011 a series of floods hit particular parts of Queensland including the capital city of Brisbane. Much of Queensland was declared a disaster zone due to the flooding with 35 lives lost and approximately 200,000 people affected by the floods state wide. While this was a devastating natural disaster, Brisbane, along with the other hard-hit regions, is well on it's way to recovery.

The army of volunteers made national (and international) news, demonstrating to the world just how much Australians (and Queenslanders in particular) care for their neighbours, with many of Brisbane's streets, suburbs and businesses back to pre-flood condition in no time!

Tourism in Brisbane

Visitors are being welcomed back with open arms to the city of Brisbane. Many of its famous sights and attractions are open for business, however you should contact your chosen tour operators to double check before you go.

It's a great way for you to support local businesses and the community as the sun is still shining with a stack of things to do in Brisbane! One of Brisbane’s most popular tourist destinations and local favourite South Bank is now back in the swing of things and welcomes the community to come and enjoy the free activities to help Brisbanites relax after this huge ordeal.

What Happened in Brisbane?

Unprecedented and prolonged rainfall during December 2010 in Queensland was caused by a strong La Nina weather pattern, setting record high rainfall totals in over 100 locations for the month. The heavy and widespread rain continued in January, culminating in the Queensland river catchment system which feeds into the Brisbane River being overcome.

The Brisbane River banks broke on the 11th of January 2011 and river levels peaked on the 13th at 4.46 metres, the sixth highest in the city's long history. By this time many thousands of houses had been evacuated and streets closed due to flooding precautions. The peak caused approximately 20,000 houses to be affected by flood waters with St Lucia, West End, Rocklea and Graceville amongst the worst affected areas.

The Clean Up

view of Brisbane River post 2011 floodsImages of Brisbane’s icons underwater caused the people of Queensland (as well as groups from around the country) to rally with more than 55,000 registered volunteers helping to clean the streets, and possibly just as many unregistered volunteers showing up and giving a helping help to whoever needed it.

The waters have now subsided and the recovery process is well underway, with the Brisbane Government recommending the best wait to help is by assisting locals including your neighbours, friends and family first and then people in your local neighbourhood. 

A number of Queensland businesses have also been affected by these floods. View this Queensland Government Guide on how to help small businesses recover from flood damage and return to usual business as soon as possible.


There are many organisations collecting donations and organising fund raising activities to help Queenslanders affected by these floods. We have listed some of the main appeals below:

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