Getting Around Brisbane

Brisbane's excellent public transport infrastructure makes it relatively easy to get from point A to point Z and virtually anywhere in between with minimal interruptions or changes, no matter if you go by rail, road, air or water.

Buses, trains, CityCat Ferries, hire cars, taxis and even water taxis are all available at regular intervals throughout the day and night and there's little chance of you being stuck in the middle of nowhere and no way to get home.

You can easily get to and from the airport between 5:45am and 10pm using the Airtrain which runs every 15 minutes — express trains run throughout the day.

Outside of those times (and if you want a bit more luxury) you can opt for airport transfer companies (and of course taxis and limousines) to pick to pick you up.

Public Transport in Brisbane

The Gateway BridgesThe Queensland Government's transport website., provides a detailed trip planning guide with fare calculators, timetables and suggestions on the best way to get between (almost) any two points in Queensland, right down to how far you have to walk to the bus stop.

In fact, using the TransLink site you can do some comparisons between getting around Brisbane and other major cities in the country which highlight how easy it is to get around Brisbane. For example, a trip literally across the city from a backstreet in the northeast suburb of Redcliffe, to a back street in the southwest suburbs past Ipswich (60km as the crow flies) will take you just over 2.5 hours and set you back $4.80 (or $2.40 if you have a concession card, or about $110 if you take a taxi).

A comparable trip 60km across Sydney from the northeast to the southwest would take about 3.5 hours on public transport according to the NSW Government's website.

Take a similar journey from Croydon east of Melbourne's CBD down to the Mornington Peninsula and you won't get there in under five hours, according to

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