Suburbs on the Brisbane River

Brisbane was settled mainly due to the river and it's proximity to Moreton Bay meaning the developing town had excellent access to maritime facilities. The dock was an important attribute in the early years and continues to be today. The river also offers many advantages to living in Brisbane today, especially for those suburbs located on the banks.

The river curves its way through the city of Brisbane and touches on many of the suburbs. This makes for a very picturesque town with much parkland located on the river itself. Houses on the river delightful however residents know that these properties are all subject to flooding. Below is an extensive list of all the suburbs whose boundaries meet with the Brisbane River.

Brisbane Riverside Suburbs

Commercial / Industrial Suburbs

Port of BrisbaneThese are not so much suburbs, as dedicated areas of industrial and commercial activity, located close to the mouth of the Brisbane River. They are important to the continuing productivity and industry of the state of Queensland and an integral part of Brisbane City.

  • Port of Brisbane
  • Brisbane Airport
  • Pinkenba
  • Lytton
  • Eagle Farm


Brisbane's Eastern Suburbs

View from South BankNorthern Bank

Southern Bank

Brisbane's Western Suburbs

Northern Bank

Southern Bank