Brisbane Marathon Festival

The Brisbane Marathon is a capital city marathon event that takes you on a run through of some of Brisbane’s best and most iconic features.

One of the fastest growing marathons in Australia, the Brisbane Marathon Festival attracts participants from over 24 countries and every state of Australia.

With a number of different distances you can opt to run, you’ll get to tour by foot some of the famous city streets, follow the Brisbane River along the river walk, and cross over a number of bridges including the iconic Story Bridge.

Then cross the finish line in the heart of the Botanic Gardens amid cheers of support from an eager crowd of family, friends, and keen supporters.

Brisbane Marathon Festival, 1-2 June 2019

Brisbane Marathon FestivalParticipants of the 2019 Brisbane Marathon Festival have the option of registering to run the kid’s 2.2km course, 5km, 10km, half marathon, or the gruelling full 42.195km marathon.

Starting at the beautiful Botanic Gardens, runners will make their way through the CBD before heading over the Story Bridge, along the Brisbane River Walk, and in and out of some well-known streets before returning triumphantly to the Brisbane Riverstage.

There will be pace setters running the full and half marathons, providing you with an experienced runner you can match your pace to and run to your ideal finish time. At the finish line all finishers receive an achiever’s medal and shirt or singlet, and can then go on to browse the mini-expo full of promotional stands and fitness product displays.

It’s a fun event for everyone from the endurance athlete to amateur runners and their enthusiastic supporters.

Date of event: 1-2 June 2019
Location: Brisbane Riverstage
Registration: $25-$150 depending race and early bird discounts

Getting there

Brisbane Marathon Festival at sunriseThe event starts before public transport is running so you’ll need to either drive yourself to the start, get a lift or order a taxi. If you’re driving make the most of Wilson Parking’s special offer of $3 parking for the race day. There are three Wilson Parking lots in the Brisbane CBD, all within 1km of the race starting line.

There are plenty of accommodation options in and around Brisbane, but if you want the most convenient access to the race start and finish area find yourself accommodation in the CBD. Get as much sleep as possible before the big day and simply walk down from your hotel or holiday apartment when the time comes. You’ll be rather happy about the short trip back by the time you finish the run.

Marathon and other category registration can all be done online from the Brisbane Marathon website. You can register and pay online and even book your parking.

You will have to pick up your race pack from the Intraining Running Centre on Park Rd in Milton, either on the Friday afternoon or Saturday before the race.

 Brisbane Marathon History

The Brisbane Marathon Festival finds its origins in 1982 Commonwealth Games when the famed Robert de Castella crossed in victory 32 years ago. It wasn’t until 1992 that the first official Brisbane Marathon became open to the public. 22 years later the festival has gained popularity, attracting runners from all over the world while still retaining that boutique feel.

Previous Winners

YearMen's winnerTimeWomen's winnerTime
2018  Saeki Makino  (AUS) 2:23:18  Leah Fitzgerald (AUS) 2:53:36
2017  Clay Dawson  (AUS) 2:28:15  Roxie Fraser (AUS) 2:55:54
2016  Klarie McIntyre  (AUS) 2:35:27  Marita Eisler (AUS) 2:57:31
2015  Samuel Woldemanuel  (AUS) 2:21:50  Sally Matsubara (AUS) 2:57:27
2014  Clay Dawson  (AUS) 2:30:43  Roxie Fraser (AUS) 2:54:35
2013  Sammy Tum Kipkoech (KEN) 2:31:23  Renee White (AUS) 3:04:50
2012  Ralf Hamann (AUS) 2:43:53  Sandi Rabie (AUS) 3:12:05
2011  Justin Creek (AUS) 2:44:31.7  Jane Christinson (AUS) 3:13:43.7
2010  Richard Gardiner (AUS) 2:37:28.8  Kirsten Molloy (AUS) 2:49:52.5
2009  Darren Moyle (AUS) 2:41:00.5  Lucy Blaber (AUS) 2:55:02.9
2008  Aidan Hobbs (AUS) 2:43:38.6  Roxie Schmidt (AUS) 2:49:34.1
2007  Abdullah Batal (MAR) 2:39:17  Gayle Clark (AUS) 3:30:14
2006  Justin Hunter (AUS) 2:43:45  Siri Terjesen (USA) 3:13:13
2005  Andrew Thompson (AUS) 2:39:27  Wendy Stewart (AUS) 3:23:53
2004  Andrew Thompson (AUS) 2:38:00  Robyn Wallace (AUS) 3:23:15
2003  Bradley Smith (AUS) 2:34:00  Robyn Wallace (AUS) 3:18:06
2002  Bradley Smith (AUS) 2:34:02  Lisa Polizzi (AUS) 2:56:48
2001  Mark Jackson (AUS) 2:34:36  Corallea Edwards (AUS) 3:04:50
2000  Mark Jackson (AUS) 2:30:29  Linda Fox (AUS) 2:59:23
1999  Robert Ellis (AUS) 2:22:12  Rachel Gibney (AUS) 2:59:26
1998  Ron Peters (AUS) 2:30:42.3  Janine Reid (AUS) 2:59:57.7
1997  Nigel Ball (NZL) 2:28:10  Birgit Schuckmann (GER) 2:45:53
1996  Nigel Ball (NZL) 2:25:23  Bev Lucas (AUS) 2:55:00
1995  Don Wallace (AUS) 2:24:48  Bev Lucas (AUS) 2:50:46
1994  Rodney Cedaro (AUS) 2:24:53  Bev Lucas (AUS) 2:46:02
1993  Rodney Cedaro (AUS) 2:23:29  Bev Lucas (AUS) 2:53:03
1992  Ian Kent (AUS) 2:24:20  Rina Bradshaw (AUS) 2:51:18

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