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The Tempest

Occurs every week on Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble's The Tempest transports you to an island filled with magic and adventure. Here you will come face to face with spirits, nymphs and other strange creatures of the isle.

Twelve years ago the Duke of Milan, Prospero, was overthrown and cast out to sea with nothing but a leaky boat, his books and his young daughter, Miranda. With the help of Prospero's sorcery, the pair survive together on a strange island. When Prospero conjures a powerful tempest, shipwrecking the men who overthrew him and landing them on his island, he sets a plan in motion which will change the course of his and Miranda's lives.

Director: Zoë Tuffin

Matt Gaffney - Gonzalo
Zac Kelty - Caliban
Jason McKell - Sebastian
Rebecca Murphy - Ariel
Anthea Patrick - Trinculo
Rob Pensalfini - Prospero
Silvan Rus - Ferdinand
Colin Smith - Alonso
Andrea Templeman - Stephano
Johanceé Theron - Miranda
Chris Vaag - Antonio

The Tempest

$20 - $30

Event Details
Date: 20 August - 6 September 2014
Time: 2pm; 6pm; 7:30pm (see website for details)

Where is it?
Roma Street Parklands Amphitheatre
1 Parkland Boulevard
Brisbane, 4000

For further information...
+61(0)73365 3269
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