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Ironlak Art & Design Exhibition

 Ironlak Art & Design is excited to host its first exhibition Surface Tension at its new Queen Street store on Friday March 17. Surface Tension is a group exhibition featuring works created with Ironlak paints and art supplies on canvas.  


Ironlak Art & Design creative director Luke Shirlaw says the exhibition is bringing together artists who practice their craft as a result of a non-traditional path towards their creative practice.


The exhibition challenges the regular approach to life, art and business, celebrating the beautiful chaos that often results from such a state of mind,” Luke says.


The exhibition is the first of many as Ironlak Art & Design hopes to support local and global artists to make their mark in the global art scene by providing a space to present their work.


Artists featured as a part of Surface Tension include: Sofles, Anthony Lister, Emmanuel Moore, Piano, Jess Cochrane, Spenceroni, Leans, Phibs, Shida, Mimi, Elana Mullaly, Kab101, Vans the Omega, Daek William, Brontë Naylor, Cherie Buttons and Ian McCallum.


“We are really excited to host our first exhibition,” Luke says. “This is a way for us to draw attention to the amazing work of artists who are often working outside of the art establishment.”


The Queen Street store opened in November and is Ironlak Art & Design’s second flagship store. It is a continuation of their new breed of bricks and mortar retail for artists. The fit out is inspired by Japanese housing, with pops of colour throughout the black interior. The store is brought to life with art on the walls by Vans the Omega and Sofles.



The Surface Tension exhibition opens on Friday March 17, 6 – 9 pm and will run until Sunday April 16. Following this the exhibition will be shown in the Sydney store. Ironlak Art and Design is downstairs at 62 Queen Street Mall, Brisbane.

Event Details
Date: 17 March - 16 April 2017

Where is it?
62 Queen Street Mall
Brisbane City

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