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Conscious Collage and Cacao

Tap into your subconscious and awaken your self-awareness. 
Spend an afternoon nourishing your soul, connecting with your true self and asking your subconscious for guidance. 
Join Anna from The Breath Collective (YogaBones teacher and Art Psychotherapist) and Sonia (Social Worker and Initiatic Arts Therapist) for an amazing afternoon of self-discovery. 
In this workshop we will incorporate a sacred cacao ceremony, guided meditation, collage creation and journaling in order find answers to life’s big questions.
During the workshop you will dive deep and create your very own Conscious Collage card. Magazines, scissor, glue and cards are provided. Images are selected and combined on the card to make a powerful visual that is filled with messages from our own inner guidance. 
Conscious Collage awakens your inner knowing and activates a process that expands our self-awareness and connects us to the intuition we all have. Informed by Seena B. Frost's SoulCollage, this intuitive workshop helps you recognize that the answers are within and will bring clarity to situations in your life.
Sharing Conscious Collage cards in community is an important part of the process, connecting people with genuine creativity, acceptance, and intimate self-reflection. 
No art skills required

Date: Sunday 23rd May  
Time: 1pm – 4pm

Cost: $65 
Tickets: Via events on 'The Breath Collective' FB page 
Location: Yoga Bones Studio, Paddington 
Bring: a pen and paper, a yoga mat and cushion to sit on


Event Details
Date: 23 May 2021
Time: 1 pm- 4 pm

Where is it?
Yoga Bones Studio
29 Latrobe Terrace (down the steps from Wilde Willow)
Paddington, 4064

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