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Australian Committee for IUCN: Healthy People in a Healthy Environment

Healthy People in a Healthy Environment: Valuing the Social and Cultural Benefits of Nature


Established in 2011, ACIUCN’s Science Informing Policy Symposium is a high-level, two-day event held in partnership with members and other organisations that engages leading experts on national conservation priorities to help inform key environmental policy.

The 2019 Symposium, Healthy People in a Healthy Environment, will focus on the critical link between human health and social well-being, and the environment. The event will provide an opportunity to help focus Australia’s thinking on these important issues and on how to raise awareness and conserve the many benefits a healthy environment provides for people and nature.

This symposium is being held in partnership with the Queensland Department of Environment and Science, WWF-Australia, Bush Heritage Australia and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.


Given the cross-sectoral nature and intention of the symposium, the event will engage a broad audience of up to 140 people across the government, NGO, health, corporate, agriculture, Indigenous Peoples, industry and academic sectors.


-To showcase, improve understanding and promote the multiple social and cultural benefits of a healthy environment.
-To highlight best practice case studies and the latest science on the benefits of a healthy environment.
-To distil the social and cultural benefits of nature into national policy.
-To build the constituency of support for nature beyond the conservation sector.
-To explore opportunities for new collaboration and cross-sectoral partnerships.
-To provide a platform for collaboration and information exchange across governments, NGOs, academic institutions and others in the Australian community


Event Details
Date: 17-18 September 2019
Time: 9:00am-5:00pm

Where is it?
Queensland Museum and Science Centre
South brisbane, 4101

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