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Australian Bushball League - Brisbane Round 2, 2012

The Australian Bushball League will be holding Round 2 of the Brisbane 2012 season on 26 May 2012 at Mango Hill Skirmish (North Brisbane).

The ABL is a paintball tournament played the way it used to be played, back in the bush. Bushball (sometimes referred to as woodsball) is where paintball began, games with friends duck and weaving in and out of the trees, over various terrain and obstacles on large fields, being able to work your way around your opponent to get the upperhand in the ensuing shootout. The ABL is bringing those days back as teams battle each other in a competitive environment amongst the trees and long grass on limitless field layouts. The ABL fills a void in Australian paintball, competitive paintball in the bush.

This league was created for all those who players who wanted to return to a simple competition at their local field, where your wallet is not stretched to breaking point just to have the marker and equipment to feel or look competitive. We at the ABL believe that any player, whether a veteran of paintball and its different formats or a new recreational player just coming into the sport, will find the ABL as a challenging, enjoyable format of the game with its roots firmly based in the history of this great sport.

Team entry (5-7 players) is $250.00 with paint available on the day for $70 per 2,000 rounds. Rental equipment is available. Please book through our website registration system. For more information or to register, check out our website for further details.

Australian Bushball League - Brisbane Round 2, 2012 Australian Bushball League - Brisbane Round 2, 2012 Australian Bushball League - Brisbane Round 2, 2012 Australian Bushball League - Brisbane Round 2, 2012 Australian Bushball League - Brisbane Round 2, 2012

$250 per team entry, $70 per box of paint (2,000 rounds)

Event Details
Date: 26 May 2012

Where is it?
Mango Hill Skirmish
Richards Road
Mango Hill, 4509

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