Zeus Street Greek Announces Opening

HoneyPuffsAs Brisbane city slowly recovers from a little known but long-suffered syndrome called The HoneyPuff Blues following the famous Paniyiri Greek Festival last weekend, fans of the much-loved flavour-fest are in for a huge treat – ZEUS STREET GREEK is opening on June 13 at South Bank!!

In addition to creating the foundations of democracy and theatre, the Olympic Games, great architecture and being the birthplace of the philosophers Aristotle, Socrates and Plato and of course Homer, the Greeks were also the culinary visionaries behind Loukoumades (HoneyPuffs of course), Spanakopita, Souvla, Haloumi, Tzatziki and Pitas – all dishes that Brisbane adores!

Opening in South Bank’s Little Stanley Street, Zeus Street Greek will celebrate the very best of Australian-Hellenic flavours, in up-to-the-moment street food style, reflecting modern flavour combinations and palates.

Zues Street GreekOnly last week The Living Room food crew proclaimed Greek Street Food as the next big thing which was interesting given the concept has been around since, oh, Ancient Greek times!!!!

The city is in for a hearty dose of Zeus love – Saturday June 13 will be marked as I LOVE SOUVLA SATURDAY, where all Pita Wraps between 12noon and 3pm are free and for every Wrap devoured, Zeus will donate $2 to Micah Projects, a local charity at South Brisbane working with the homeless.

The Zeus Pita Menu features eight options, all created in the Zeus kitchen, mixing traditional anchors like pork, lamb and chicken, with signature flavours and super fresh ingredients, peppered with lemon juice, seasonings and lots of specialist herbs.

All Pitas can also be ordered Nude.  The Salads and Sides menu stars the dishes that make Brisbane positively drool – Spanakopita, Corn Cobs, Haloumi, Calamari, Zeus’ famous Feta and Oregano Chips, Tzatziki and Taramasalata along with variations on the classic Greek Salad – the Aegean, Village, Beetroot and Green Bean.

Greek Street Food

Hot news from the kitchen – the much-loved Loukoumades (or HoneyPuffs) are being served in traditional style AND in a chocolate version! Brisbane’s Greek food wishes have been answered, and in style.

Zeus is the shared and very loved culinary child of Costa Anastasiadis, the original founder of Crust Gourmet Pizza, and George Kyrprianou from Pony Dining Brisbane; two Greek boys who grew up together and have always, always worked in hospitality – it’s in their DNA. Their partnership puts pay to the very philosophy of Zeus.

“At the essence of Zeus is a sense of sharing – to share the table with your friends, your family; this is one of the oldest Greek traditions there is and it is very important to us. It was Plutarch, a Greek historian who said, ‘We do not sit at the table to eat… but to eat together’ and this mantra rings true to us at Zeus – we call it Filoxenia, or to show hospitality to all,” said Costa.

Greek wrapsHeading the Zeus Kitchen is Brisbane-born Chef Damian Draper, the culinary whiz behind Pony Dining Brisbane, and a famed meat specialist, renowned for coaxing incredible flavours from all cuts.

Zeus itself features an authentic design, paying tribute to authenticity of the Greek kitchen, while still creating a bespoke or ‘street’ experience.

Zeus produce is sourced from people like the owners – families who care about what they put into the land whether they are harvesting olives or growing lambs.


DATE:             Saturday June 13, 2015
TIME:              12noon to 3pm
WHAT:           Free Pita Wraps –  Zeus will donate $2 for every Pita Wrap given away to Micah Projects at South Bank


Filoxenia – To show hospitality to all; our table is your table.

Pita (aka the foundation of flavour goodness!) – Flat, slightly leavened bread which can be split open to hold a filling or used as a wrap – for great Zeus ingredients.

Loukoumathes – Donut puffs dipped in honey with a sprinkle of cinnamon – Honey Puffs! At Zeus these come in cinnamon and chocolate balls of Greek goodness!

Horiatiki Salata – aka village salad. Your basic big, fantastic Greek salad – Zeus has 4 versions, all taste like the Mediterranean on a clear summer’s day.

Kalamboki – Chargrilled corn on the cob.Tzatziki – Greek yoghurt, cucumber, roasted garlic and dill.

Taramasalata – Cured white fish roe dip, great with a Pita and squeeze of lemon!

Kalamboki – Chargrilled corn on the cob.

Spanakopita – Homemade flaky spinach and cheese pie.

Bougatsa – Vanilla bean custard wrapped in filo pastry, served warm and dusted with cinnamon and icing sugar.


Ela Re! – Come on mate!

Yiasou! – Hello!

Munga – Masculine for “cool dude”

Koukla – Feminine for “cute”

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