New Australian Workforce Findings At Hackathon

Tanda has released new statistical discoveries regarding the Australian workforce after hosting their inaugural Hackathon on 17th and 18th of April.

hackathon-2015The Hackathon was regarded as Brisbane’s biggest with over 50 people coming to compete and present innovative ideas in just 24 hours.

The 11 teams, including one team of high school students attending their first ever hackathon, made some unexpected discoveries in their data.

Ideas ranged from simple reporting tools through to computer vision clock in, machine learning and impressive visualisations.

In their findings the young, aspiring programmers noted female employees on average arrive 1 minute earlier than males. However, male staff are more likely to stay back longer after hours to an average of 5 minutes.

They also found the female worker earns an average $21.34 per hour, yet men will make an average $22.99 per hour. Although this did not account for other factors as experience, industry and age.

Another team looked at time facts regarding punctuality. The data shows employees arrive later to work on Thursdays and Fridays, and found punctuality was the best on Tuesdays.

By tracking weather forecasts and comparing it to clock-in and clock-out information they could pinpoint staff arriving later during winter weather and when it is raining.

A team from QUT’s programmers society, QUT Code, made a facial recognition app in just 24 hours. The app could potentially scan a picture of an employee’s face and accurately identify age, gender and ethnicity.

Improvements to the initial algorithm could take workplaces into the future of clocking in with face recognition.

Hibble said “In Brisbane previously we haven’t had opportunities like this. We just want to build these awesome ideas.”

The winning team Two Weeks Notice, used the data to create an online feature that can predict when staff will request sick leave with 85% confidence.

One of the team members, Matthew Brown, said “Every year the Australian economy loses 30 billion dollars in employees chucking a sickie’.

Tanda plans to hold this Hackathon every year, and is now verifying the findings to be released as a separate report.

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