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FREE WordPress seminar

Free WordPress Seminar

Brisbane WP in combination with Ey3 are proud to present a FREE WordPress seminar about how to build and manage your own web site. So whether you are wanting to know more about WordPress or you are just looking for something that makes sense for a new website, our seminars will give you a great insight into how the WordPress platform can benefit you.


Learning outcome:

  • Why do you need a website?
  • Why WordPress?
  • How to make the most of your WordPress website?
  • How to edit your own site using both text and images with WordPress?

Who should attend?

  • Individuals wanting to learn about easily self editing their own web site
  • Clubs, societies and charities needing an online presence which allows multiple user management
  • Businesses new to the web who want an easy, cost effective way to get online
  • Current businesses who are already online and want to swap over to use a platform that is easy to use and where they are always in control
  • ANYONE wanting to learn how to start their own web presence in a cost effective way

The Who – Luke Elin

Brisbane local Luke is a specialist lecturer and author (, and has taught thousands of students at major Australian Universities over many years. He is the Director of EY3, and has over 25 years of computing experience to draw upon. Luke created his first web site before Netscape 1.0 was even completed and when 1.4Kb dial-up connections were considered fast! In 1996, Luke founded Ey3 and continues to manage numerous high-profile design, development and maintenance projects in Australia and internationally.

The websites Luke has developed are visited by well over 8 million individuals each week – if high volume sites are your thing, he is the man to speak to. With this long established history, his enthusiasm has become his trademark as he enjoys the process of creating web sites that make life easier for both customers and business owners alike.



Seminar details

FREE to attend, however spaces are limited. Please book your space now using the booking form on this link:


For more information about our events please contact Kerrie on 1300 856 393, or email

FREE WordPress seminar


Event Details
Date: 4 July 2017
Time: 7pm - 8.30pm

Where is it?
Chermside Library
375 Hamilton Road
Chermside, 4032

For further information...
1300 856 393
Send Email
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