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Drift is a durational performance that invites audiences to enter a darkened space occupied by a flotilla of twinkling single vessels, with each vessel offering a tentative refuge for an individual.

Each vessel is illuminated by a single light which acts as an invitation to a participant to inhabit the vacant vessel, and once they are settled Julie Vulcan attends to each person making them feel secure and connecting them to a headset designed to lull.

Once the ritual is completed the light above the vessel fades out, only illuminating once more when it is vacated.

Julie Vulcan guides your journey as the performance explores the fine lines between security and fragility. This durational performance offers a place for contemplation, whether you choose to participate or sit quietly at the edges, watching the ebb and flow of lights and participants.

Drift invites you to witness the intimate moments of tenderness that sustain us, in an effort to find a common place of understanding.

*Audiences are encouraged to come back as often as they like over the 4 days. The beauty of durational performance lies in the possibility of having a different experience each time you return to the space.


$5 Pass for unlimited access over 4 days

Event Details
Date: 1-4 April 2014
Time: 12pm - 2pm & 5pm - 8pm

Where is it?
Metro Arts' Basement
109 Edward St
Brisbane, 4000

For further information...
Metro Arts
07 3002 7100
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