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About you. Thatís what I think the whole shebang should beÖ about you. Hereís how Iíll helpÖ Wherever and whenever you need me, Iíll be there. Anywhere in Queensland, interstate, overseas. And because my packages include all day photography, Iíll be there from beginning to end. From first thing in the morning when youíre having breakfast with your bridesmaids to last thing at night when your nephew falls asleep under the bridal table. Whoever you are and whatever your style, †Iíll take YOUR photo. Your most natural, joyful, spontaneous, YOU photo. No orchestrated scenes, no cheesy poses. Just honest moments between you and your partner, your family and friends. Moments you might not have even known were there. The hilarious, silly, unscripted, teary moments. Iíll find them for you and capture them forever. Whatever you want, I want to hear it. I want to sit down with you and listen, and make sure you feel completely comfortable and at ease with me. Iím available for face-to-face meetings (believe me, Iíll take any excuse for a coffee with some cool folks) in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast. And if youíre interstate or overseas, you can contact me to Skype at pretty much any time (except†2am†or my wife will get cranky with me!) So, thatís it. My about is all about you. But if you want to know some things about me before we get started, hereís my top 3 facts. 1. I love my beautiful wife Jaxx with pretty much everything Iíve got. Sheís the one who encourages me every day in my photography and I could not do it without her. Weíve got two dogs called Herman and Kumar. I couldnít do it without them either, but only so I can keep them in a life of doggy luxury. 2. Before I was a photographer, I was a musician. Iíve picked up and had a go of nearly every instrument you can think of, and I spent many years touring the pub and club scene as a singer-songwriter. Iím not saying that I could stand in for your band if they dropped out on the big day, butÖ 3. I am truly living my dreams now as a photographer. Some days I canít believe Iím so lucky to spend time with people in love, people on the brink of such an exciting step in their lives, and that I get to tell the story of their big day. If you like what youíve heard, then feel free to get in touch. Iím available anytime on phone or email, and Iíd be really excited to help tell your story. Ryder
Brisbane , QLD 4000
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