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Yoga comes fromSanskrit , yuj, which means to unite. This union describes the goal of yoga, to unite us with the Ultimate consciousness

Smart Yoga is inspired and partly derived from Rajyoga and is composed ofmodified version of Ashtanga and hatha yoga.

SmartYoga , that intensifies poses by moving more rapidly between one pose to the other. Poses test one’s endurance and challenge the physical limitations of the muscles Each of increasing difficulty. Poses tend to be mostly advanced poses.

A Smart yogasana is a posture in harmony with one's inner consciousness. It aims at the attainment of a sustained and comfortable sitting posture to facilitate meditation. Asanas also help in balancing and harmonizing the basic structure of the human body, which is why they have a range of therapeutic uses too Afusion of yoga with functional and flexibility training, both of which train your body to perform better.

Smart Yoga is highly specialized and gives better results than in generall following the asanas or pranayams randomly.

Smart yoga can be used for the healing disorders such as acid stomach, asthma, bronchitis, cancer, constipation, heart disorders, hypertension, insomnia, menstrual disorders, obesity, sinus and many other problems are treated.

Smart yoga is used for removing distracting anxiety and overall tension. It is used for maintaining proper posture and tone your muscles.

It helps in developing the physical and spiritual aspects of your body. Helps improving concentration and mental stability.

It increases lean muscle tissue, which means improved calorie burning, reduction in your body's fat percentage and increased BMR

This makes for a stronger you, with stamina to sustain everyday life.

It works your stomach and back muscles constantly, increasing your core strength.

It makes you look and feel younger and youthful.

14 demigre street
Eight Mile Plains, QLD 4113
living smart
Phone (61) 4312 5678
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