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If you are looking for the best Power Yoga Classes Brisbane has to offer, start by knowing what yoga is in the first place. Yoga is a lot different and a lot more than other forms of exercise and workout that primarily attends to physical fitness. It is a combined form of physical, mental, and spiritual wellness, that has some orthodox rules and methodologies. Some of the core disciplines include Power Vinyasa, 26+2 & Yin Yoga. Welcome to Flex Hot Yoga - an award-winning fitness & wellness studio that has brought together some of the best resources for offering Indian-originated Yoga in Brisbane. Take the guidance of highly qualified Yoga Trainers to learn and endorse the route of Yoga. We are bringing the exclusive program of Yoga Teacher Training Brisbane - which trains existing professionals to take their career to the next level. Sign up for our life-changing Memberships, Passes and Gift Vouchers for yourself or a loved one. We also offer Online Classes!

174 Bennetts Road, Norman Park, Brisbane, 4170
Brisbane, QLD 4170
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Added: 5 October 2021 4:30pm
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