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Brisbane Aikido Republic

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Brisbane Aikido Republic strives to learn, study and promote the martial art of aikido through diligent practice, knowledge and active links to the founder of aikido.We welcome serious men and women to join us for aiki practice. Find us at 1593 Logan Rd. Mt. Gravatt Brisbane Q 4122

Brisbane is fortunate to have many aikido dojo to practice aikido in. There are many different styles that can cater to the individual's intrest be it hard or soft aikido, ki and philosophy focus, a pass time, a competitive sport, and intrest in open hand arts, security applications and traditional weapons of sword and staff. All dojo at some point have link to the founder of aikido Morehei Ueshiba, generally speaking O'Sensei developed the art of aikido and it changed as he changed from the martial forms of pre war aikido to the gentler (but ultimately no less effective) softer (or ki schools) of aikido later in life. His students took what they learnt and formed aikido schools and aikido styles of their own - giving us the choice we have today

1593 Logan Road
Nathan, QLD 4111
Brisbane Aikido Republic
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Added: 10 September 2010 9:40am
Last Edited: 10 September 2010 9:40am
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