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Peter Nguyen Fitness

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We at Peter Nguyen Fitness will teach and show you how to achieve your fitness goal using modern day approach to training and nutrition. We teach you the right way to train and manage your nutrition no matter what type of lifestyle you have. We've successfully helped people ranging from parents, shift workers, business owners, students and people who travel for work. Head over to and see proof for yourself.


We believe that if you are restricting yourself from certain foods and placing your lifestyle on hold - just so that you can achieve your fitness goal, then you are setting yourself up for failure. Restricting yourself from certain foods/lifestyle are somewhat unsustainable which can only be stretched so far, but at some point that elastic band will snap and all your hard work that you've done, will be undone!

We believe that in order to successfully achieve your fitness goal requires merging your lifestyle and fitness together, finding a system that is sustainable and maintainable, so that your goals are achievable – for the long haul.

We at Peter Nguyen Fitness will teach you how to merge your lifestyle and fitness goal together so that you fitness goal and lifestyle is maintainable, sustainable and achievable at the same time.  

Lamington Avenue
Lutwyche, QLD 4030
Phone 0435 500 656 or 0435 500 656
Added: 20 June 2015 9:05pm
Last Edited: 8 December 2018 3:19pm
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