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Brisbane Krav Maga

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Whether you are a complete beginner or seasoned martial artist, there are class options to suit you. Brisbane Krav Maga offers a beginner’s program for those with no prior Krav Maga or martial arts experience, women’s only classes and a range of advanced training options including classes specialised for the military, police and security services.


Complete beginner? Haven't done any martial arts before? No worries. Our beginners’ program is suited to those with no previous experience. We understand everyone needs to start somewhere and offer classes that are just the right mix of fun and challenge to suit.


Already experienced in Krav Maga or martial arts and want to expand your skill set? Our advanced intensity classes combine a range of complex skills including weapons defence, ground defence, grappling and defending against multiple attackers.

21 Bishop Street
Kelvin Groove, QLD 4000
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Added: 8 February 2020 6:05pm
Last Edited: 8 February 2020 6:05pm
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