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Jude August

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Jude August is an online men's accessory store offers menswear, leather goods, cases and closures, edc kits.

Jude August surrounds himself with only the best in life. He spends his time researching, finding unique pieces to fill his home and life. He gives no time to meaningless trends but relishes in good craftsmanship and timeless pieces. His earnest, hardworking demeanour yields a life filled with marvellous people and glamorous parties where he tells stories about his products. Until now Jude August collected these pieces unaccompanied building a vast repertoire of custom made products. Recently he decided it was time to share these discoveries with the world.

The Jude August shop is focused on delivering unique, well made products for your dream home and lifestyle at an affordable price making it easy and accessible to purchase. You will find products you can use every day and other products just for those special occasions. Jude August caters for life, not just for the moment. Perhaps your looking for your husband, partner, friend ? The Jude August customer is a modest man, one who always looks impeccable with good taste and appreciation for quality not quantity. He is willing to spend that extra dollar for quality craftsmanship knowing its going to outlive the cheaper alternatives made easily available.

At Jude August we guarantee that your product will last. How do we guarantee that?

We work very closely with reputable craftsman that use only long lasting materials. All their products have undergone series of tests and samples. Once they come to us we also run them through a few test of our own. When selecting products we try to avoid man made synthetics and stay mindful of our environment. We want to play our part for a positive impact on the environments future. 

Brisbane, QLD 4006
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Added: 8 September 2015 10:12am
Last Edited: 8 September 2015 10:12am
Jude August
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