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Each year billions of coconut shells are burnt or thrown into landfill as a by-product from the coconut agriculture industry 

Coconutsy turns these discarded shells into beautiful coconut bowlscoconut candles and coconut cups. We source all our products from sustainable and ethical sources with a mission to reduce, reuse and recycle.

We connect coconut bowls with a healthy lifestyle and mindful eating. For us coconut bowls are all about whole-foods, fruits, veggies and colourful meals loaded with nutrients.  

We have ambitions to make waves not ripples when it comes to social and environmental impacts, and this is just the beginning. Join us and the growing number of individuals making a real difference to our environment by shopping our no-nonsense bunch of eco-friendly products. 

303 Coronation Drive
Milton, QLD 4053
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Added: 4 September 2020 6:57am
Last Edited: 4 September 2020 6:57am
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