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Redlands Fresh Flowers

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Redlands Fresh Flowers

Redlands Fresh Flowers is Family run and owned. Dave Nijjar and his son have been in the Redlands for the past 3 decades growing quality fresh flowers and foliage. Dave and Jas share the business operations with their sons Jatinder and lakh and Jatinder’s wife Mandeep.

Dave and Jatinder know how to grow quality Gerbera’s, Roses, Chrysanthemums, Lissianthus, Delphinium, Stock, Snap Dragons, Sun Flowers the list is endless they also grow foliage and fillers as well. Detail in the preparation of flower growing from seedlings, managing the soil to picking and quality control in sorting is paramount they have won many product quality awards.

Redlands Fresh Flowers have been supplying flowers to florists and the General public for special occasions for generations.

Redlands Fresh Flowers stand by their product due to the fact that they grow majority of their own stock and also that they have nurtured their relationship with the countries top Flower Growers.

Why Redlands Fresh Flowers?

1. We Grow majority of our own flowers
2. We source only top quality flowers from the growers themselves
3. Our quality and freshness are second to none
4. We have a wide range of Lillies, Flowers, Orchids, Fillers, Natives and Foliage
5. We have knowledgeable staff
6. We offer a wet truck service to the florist only: Bringing fresh flowers to your door in Brisbane, Gold Coast, New South Wales
7. We offer daily deliveries
8. We have strong links to international exporters ensuring availability and excellent quality all year round
9. We place special emphasis on special orders
10. Competitive price
Phone (07) 3076 1092 or (07) 3278 2085
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