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Brisbane Sporting & Fitness

You only have to head down to the river early in the morning to see how much of a sporting culture there is in Brisbane. From the crack of dawn there are runners, cyclists and rowers heading up and down the river and you can easily see personal training sessions happening in the nearby parklands.In the evenings and weekends the sporting fields are full of people kicking a ball around or just generally getting out and active.

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Julie Holt Pilates

Julie Holt Pilates

Julie Holt Pilates is Brisbane's first 24-hour pilates studio led by renowned physiotherapist, Julie Holt.  ... Reformer Pilates can help injury rehabilitation, weig...
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Jissen Dojos International

The Bujinkan has within its curriculum nine ryƫha (styles) of martial arts.Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, is the current grandmaster of all these schools.
Knight Fight

Knight Fight

Knight Fight is a western martial art (WMA) derived from historical European combat philosophy. Simulated swords and padded shields allows students to practice techniques against e...