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Food Bank Charity - feed our Hungry

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FOH is a charitable organisation aiming to feed low income families and homeless people in Urban/SE Brisbane. Our services include, emergency food boxes, food cafe and a youth farm providing self-sufficiency activities for "at risk" youth. We rely on charitable donations to deliver food in a food cafe and through our food distribution services. Our charity service are managed by community conscious volunteers. 

Brisbane city has over 4000 homeless people at any given time, according to the organisations that actually work with the homeless. There was at least 21 000 unemployed people in Brisbane city in 2009. With an average rent rate of $250.00 for a one bedroom unit. These people are being forced out of the region, where their networks and support are and/or are going hungry. Approximately 20% of the total population are low-income families and 10% are from one parent families. We want to help.
Our charity services improve the ability of families to care for children and achieve goals of self-sufficiency. FOH services, now,are a small investment in comparison to cost of ignoring the problem of hunger in the city and the influence it has on a number of health and crime issues. We are a vital step for feeding hungry and giving hope to people in need. 

Highgate Hill, QLD 4101
Added: 7 October 2011 3:37pm
Last Edited: 10 October 2011 11:49am
Food Bank Charity - feed our Hungry
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