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Bioflame Australia Eco Logs Green Energy

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Bioflame Australia specialises in offering environmentally friendly briquettes or logs designed specifically to reduce greenhouse and harmful emissions. After years of experience of charcoal emissions and effects upon the environment, we offer the pinnacle of Burning Fuel for long lifespan assurance and environmentally friendly properties. They serve a wide range of purposes from barbeque or outdoor cooking use, commercial burning use and as a source of alternative energy. The key advantage of the Bioflame product is its manufacture from garden and household waste, its negligible ash residue, longer burn time and lack of binders or glues involved in the final product manufacture. The temperatures realised from Bioflame logs far exceeds any product currently in existence.

BioflameAustralia Pty Ltd is based in Loganholme, Queensland and distributes Environmentally Friendly energy logs or barbeque briquettes across Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. With a strong sourcing capability and a thorough knowledge of the Biofuel Industry, Bioflame offers a product that can truly revolutionise the consumer and commercial impacts of burning and energy use upon Greenhouse Gases and in turn the Planet.

Whilst the Planet has become much more of an agenda as highlighted by the Kyoto Protocol, it is becoming ever more important to reduce the carbon footprint to save our Planet and protect our natural resources. Bioflame are continually researching to improve upon technologies and offer consumers alternative energy sources with higher positive externality levels.

Bioflame eco logs are already into circulation across South Africa, France and Ireland, each having seen the positive benefits of switching to a better performing, environmentally friendly alternative fuel source.

Unit 3, 1-5 Allan Street
Loganholme, QLD 4129
Bioflame Australia Eco Logs Green Energy
Phone (07) 3806 4078
Added: 13 April 2010 9:06am
Last Edited: 13 April 2010 9:06am
Bioflame Australia Eco Logs Green Energy
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