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Swarm Pest Control Brisbane

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Swarm Pest Control is based in Brisbane and works locally to treat problems with termites and other pests. Cathleen Kirby founded the business. She uses her exceptional customer service skills as a registered Pest Control Officer to fully satisfy her clients.

Cathleen entered the pest control industry with a vision to use her ability to lead her workforce to create teams of pest controllers strongly committed to their clients. Customer service is the core of the business.

There is no job too small or too big for Swarm Pest Control to handle. The company regularly works in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors.

Swarm Pest Control treats for bedbugs, lice, mice, rats, fleas, silverfish, ants, spiders, cockroaches, and most other types of pests.

A separate division within the company handles the treatment and inspections for termites. Only specialists are assigned to take care of infestation problems with termites. When one of these specialist teams arrives at your location, they begin by inspecting the property for the presence of termites. Once the problem is well understood, plans for the eradication and prevention of infestations by these pests that bore into wood are developed.

We work with new construction to design plans to prevent future problems with termites including chemical and barrier solutions.

What makes the Swarm Pest Control company stand out from the competition?

* The company takes a great deal of pride in the pest control services they provide and the industry itself.

* All work is guaranteed by the company.

* Customers are given full explanations of the services rendered and the treatment methods chosen.

* Only safe work practices are used with chemicals that are odorless and safe for the environment.

* Exceptional value for your money is standard practice.

* You will never be charged more than you were quoted.

We'd love to hear from you to help with your pest problem. Contact Swarm Pest Control today!
8 Brownleaf St
Mansfield, QLD 4122
Added: 28 August 2016 2:38am
Last Edited: 28 August 2016 2:38am
Swarm Pest Control Brisbane
Swarm Pest Control BrisbaneSwarm Pest Control BrisbaneSwarm Pest Control BrisbaneSwarm Pest Control BrisbaneSwarm Pest Control BrisbaneSwarm Pest Control BrisbaneSwarm Pest Control Brisbane
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