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Solar Panel & Gutter Cleaning

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We are professionally trained to work on roofs and use the necessary safety equipment to suit. The risks of undertaking this kind of work are simply not worth the costs to you and your family

Did you know...

Solar Panels

Pollution, traffic dust, leaves and even bird droppings contribute to preventing sunlight from reaching the solar cells in your solar panels.The more dirt – the lower amount of electricity they will produce. While many factors affect how much electricity your solar panels will produce – dirty solar panels can be one of the biggest and easiest to fix.

Experts agree that dirty solar panels don't produce as much power as clean panels. That loss may range as high as 25% in some areas according to the National Renewable Energy laboratory. Individual dealers have reported losses as high as 30% for some customers who failed to ever clean their panels.

Roof Gutters

Cleaning of your home’s gutters is more than simply keeping the exterior of your home looking nice. It will prevent damage to your home’s interior due to flooding through the foundation and walls.

Your gutters need to be cleaned and checked for signs of necessary cleaning at least twice a year. Typically, the best times to do this are before and after storm season. If you have over hanging trees, you should check them more frequently.

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  • Panels Cleaned from ony $9 Each 
  • Solar Hot Water Systems Cleaned for only $75 
  • Gutters cleaned from only $80 
  • Rubbish Removal Services Available

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