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CrystalClear Solar

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Crystal Clear Solar is a business with both a social and environmental conscious!

Socially-We donate 5% of all pre-GST sales to Charity!!

Environmentally-We ensure that no matter what size of an investment our customers made in solar panels, we inspect and clean them to ensure the optimum energy is created by the panels saving the need to burn coal to generate extra electricity!

Uncleaned panels can lose you upwards of 30% of your solar panels output ability!


-Solar panels are self cleaning

-The rain will clean my panels


-Rain only washes away a slight amount of dust from the panels. Can you imagine trying to drive your car if it was left out in the elements all year long without washing your windscreen?

The same is true of your panels. They need to see the light to perform at an optimum level and any contaminants on the panel bounce the light rays away from the solar cells!

What can diminish my panel efficiency?

Dirt and dust

Bird and animal droppings

Ocean salt (coastal areas)

Saps, pollens and debris from trees

Moss mildew and fungus

Smog and ash

Pesticides & fertilizer sprays (agricultural areas)

Commercial and industrial residues

Pollution from vehicles/heavy transport (near busy roadways)

Exhaust pollution (under airport traffic)


Did you know that many solar manufacturers’ warranties state that regular inspection and cleaning is REQUIRED to maintain your WARRENTY!

Many other Panel Cleaners only clean but we offer and inspection service as well!

Regular inspection is very important to ensure your system is still in top condition.

Inspection includes:

-Checking the condition of glass and frames

-Checking mounting bolds and frames

-Checking that wires are not hanging free and rubbing against the roof

-Checking the condition of the Isolator switches

-Checking the condition of the seals around the wires into your roof space

Why choose Crystal Clear Solar?

-We are a professional solar panel cleaning and inspection company that Specialize in cleaning and inspection of only solar panels!

-When you see one of our branded vehicles pull up to your house or business, you know you are dealing with a name you can trust!

-We are fully trained and certified (Australia wide) in safe working at heights and use of Elevated Work Platforms (required on some Commercial and Government cleans)

-We use only the best De-Ionized filtration systems that remove all dissolved solids out of the water to ensure a spot free panel once dried!

-We are the first company in the industry to utilize only Fiberglass ladders for electrical safety

-We are the first in the industry to use HOT WATER to clean solar panels (only available if our vehicle can park within 60M from panels)

-We supply our own water for residential customers

-We use water fed pole technology so a dry brush never touches your panels

-We are chemical free so all our water run-off is safe for rain water tanks

-Our process uses as little as 2.5 L of water per minute which makes us Water Wise!

-We are the only cleaner in the industry that offer a 100% guarantee on our residential jobs that you will be making more electricity after we leave or you don’t pay!* That's an incredible Risk Free offer

-We are fully insured for 10 million for your piece of mind!

With all these features and benefits, you can see why we are Brisbane's first choice for solar panel Inspection and cleaning!

*see website for terms and conditions of warranty

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2311-538 Oxley Ave
Redcliffe, QLD 4020
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CrystalClear Solar
CrystalClear SolarCrystalClear SolarCrystalClear SolarCrystalClear SolarCrystalClear SolarCrystalClear SolarCrystalClear SolarCrystalClear Solar
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