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FitXEMS combines whole body Electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) with personal training for an effective workout in just 20 minutes a week. Using scientifically proven EMS technology to deliver an efficient workout which would traditionally take hours using conventional training methods our focus is on supporting you to reach your optimal fitness goals and body shape. EMS training is low impact training using safe impulses to contract up to 90% of muscles to deliver a more effective workout in a shorter amount of time. This effective and efficient workout is often used by professional athletes and injury rehabilitation clinic and is scientifically proven to increase strength, lose weight and body fat % and significant results in reducing back pain, post pregnancy recovery and suitable for adults of all ages and fitness levels. We track your progress to keep you motivated and work closely with you to ensure you reach your body and fitness goals. To learn more or book your FREE TRIAL contact us today. You've got nothing to lose, and only better fitness and time to gain! Get strong. Get Fit. Get Healthy.

81-85 Racecoure Road
Ascot, QLD 4007
Added: 29 May 2021 5:25am
Last Edited: 29 May 2021 5:25am
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