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Welcome to Lemurian Healing, all treatments are customised to suit the patient, and no two treatments are ever the same. I am happy to chat to you anytime, day or night (up to 9pm) for a free consultation. Most appointments are late afternoon and early evenings as we do cater for the working person. p: 0439 072 724 

Reiki Master/Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Reiki & Sound Healing, Certified Trainer & Assessor & JP (Qual). I have over a 30 Year journey practicing in Natural Therapies.

Reiki's Universal Life force energy is said to be the essential underlying energy common to all living things, creating everything from the densest objects of all matter to the highest levels of consiousness.. Reiki plays an important role within all living functions of all living beings. Combined with sound is a very powerful healing modality.  The natural force within each one of us is the greatest healer of disease" Hippocrates

Reiki  Energy and Sound Energy combined is a powerful healing force (Pellowah)
Why Sound combined with Reiki?
Sound healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body, mind and soul of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health.  
During therapy, a Mixture of Reiki and Sound Healing is transmitted by listening through specialised sounds that are
•  the same frequency as the earth and universal vibrational heartbeat  
•  or a mixture of high and low frequencies to maximise healing.  This all depends on the patient and healing requirements.  
The sound vibrational harmonics used during therapy may be undetectable to the human ear, which on average can hear between 16 and 16,000 cycles per second (hz). The sounds  played are above or below the average hearing threshold.  These frequencies can be heard by many creatures on the Earth, and used this vibrational energy
•        For movement
•        Communication
•        Sign of danger   
•        Hunting food etc.
Most creatures including humans do not perceive sound just through their ears, but through their whole bodily structure including their skin, bones and cellular structure. This is what I tap into during Therapy Sessions.

32b Gloucester Street
Highgate Hill, QLD 4101
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