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Kay Cheree Synergistics - Intuitive Energy Therapies

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My Vision
My vision is to inspire you to find your balance, to re-discover life and all it has to offer. To experience the emotions and pain that are thrown at you on a daily basis, but for you to be able to process them so they do not rule your life and future reactions. We are all here on our own journeys, but you will follow what sits right with you at any given moment. 
So... I hold space as an ‘Intuitive Energy Healer’. I act as a guide to assist you in releasing emotions and accessing the energies and balancing that your body requires to allow it to heal. I also share simple techniques that I have found work, to allow you to continue your own healing in your own space and time. Though not always necessary, I will often access tools such as Muscle Testing, Dowsing, Crystals and Essential Oils to assist where needed.

Change will happen when direction is altered.
xxx Kay Cheree

Benefits to YOU!

  • Finding clarity, understanding and meaning by learning to live and heal from the inside out
  • Personal Growth and recovery from stress related issues, life changing events and medical conditions (e.g PTSD, adrenal fatigue, cancers, low neurotransmitter functioning)
  • Education for presentation, lifestyle management and greater wellness (i.e life-long tools and techniques for daily living)
  • Deepening of Spiritual Growth
  • Alleviate Depression and Anxiety
  • Improve Concentration
  • Promote healing during peri-menopause and menopause
  • Assist in recovery from cancer and other medical issues
  • Reduce fight/flight/freeze response to the body
  • Promote Adrenal Fatigue Healing
  • Strengthen the Brain-Gut Connection
  • Promote Holistic Healing


Intuitive energy therapies, herbal tinctures & oil blends.
* Dowsing Energy healing
* A.F.T.E.R technique
* Reiki
* Quantum-Touch
* Crystal Therapy

231 Mawsons Road
Beerwah, QLD 4519
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