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Hills & Ranges Private

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Hills & Ranges Private is a luxury rehab centre offering tailored and meaningful treatment for drug, alcohol, and gambling addictions, as well as for chronic mental health conditions.


Welcoming people from across the country, our Victorian based luxury rehab facilities offer rehab programs that follow scientific methodologies proven to beat addiction. In our secluded facilities surrounded by nature, we combine cutting edge treatments with physical activities to create an environment for you or a loved one to take back their life from addiction.


Our highly skilled and passionate support staff have extensive experience in facilitating depression rehab, gambling rehab, alcohol rehab Brisbane, and drug rehab Brisbane. Regardless of what you’re struggling with at the moment, know that there is always help available. Hills & Ranges Private is committed to providing you with successful and comprehensive substance addiction recovery programs.


If you’re looking for private rehabilitation centres that allow you to recover in total anonymity while providing unwavering empathy and support, look no further than Hills & Ranges Private. Recognised as one of Australia’s leading luxury private rehab facilities, we can provide meaningful addiction treatment and assistance with mental health conditions in a comfortable but effective manner. Get in touch today via our online contact form or give us a call on 1800 422 711 for a confidential call with a professional to start your journey to recovery today.

Level 2, 69 Ann Street
Brisbane City, QLD 4000
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Added: 21 August 2023 1:59pm
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