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The Feet Mechanics is your one-stop clinic for all your podiatry-related needs. For diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of foot and lower extremity pains and complaints, contact us at The Feet Mechanics. We deliver podiatric services to clients of all ages.

Do you need any foot-related services? The Feet Mechanics offers a wide range of foot-related services. Contact us now to schedule your appointment.

Do you have a foot or lower limb complaints? The Feet Mechanics can help you with your pain and problem. Contact us now and tell us about it we’ll help you address the issue and treat it.

The Feet Mechanics offers the following services: General Skin and Nail Care, Children's Podiatry Needs, Footpain Management, Diabetic Foot Assessments, and Orthotics Using a 3D Scanner. If you need any of our services do not hesitate to contact us. We'll help give the best care for feet and lower limbs.

Do you experience pain in your feet? The Feet Mechanics treats foot problems including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy, stress fractures, hip, knee, foot, and ankle pain, forefoot pain, and neuroma and bursitis. Book an appointment with us and we’ll help assess, identify, and address your foot problem. 

Diabetic Foot Assessment at The Feet Mechanics includes vascular assessment, neurological assessment, dermatological assessment, musculoskeletal assessment, and even general skin and nail care if needed. Contact The Feet Mechanic now for diabetic consultation. At The Feet Mechanics, we’ll take good care of your feet.

The Feet Mechanics is trusted and highly-experienced in treating problems in the foot and lower extremity. Whatever issues you have in these areas of your body be sure to come to us at The Feet Mechanics. We’ll help you walk and move freely and pain-free. 

For corns and callus, cracked heels, warts, ingrown toenails, and discolored thick toenails contact The Feet Mechanics. At The Feet Mechanics, we'll help you have a  pain-free, nuisance-free, and nice to look at feet. Get our services, contact us now. 

The Feet Mechanics will help you get back on your feet. We can help in any pain and problem in the feet and lower limb. Book an appointment now and take one step towards having healthy and happy feet.

Level 1/188 Nudgee Road
Ascot, QLD 4007
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