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Sacha Rendoth - Doula, Midwife, Nutritionist

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Combining midwifery, nutrition and birth support as a doula,  I have a wealth of experience with pregnancy, birth and post-natal care. I also have two children and have experienced the beauty of pregnancy and birth first hand.

 As a doula I support women and their partners, by truly being with them as needed.  This may be providing information and education, guiding you and your partner through the birthing process, or workshopping belief patterns and fears. With the goal of experiencing a fulfilling birth experience, whatever that may be for you, I can offer supportive massage, gentle reminders and encouraging words, simply bringing you back to your breath and/or building trust within your body.

As a doula, , I support women to re-connect with their body and build trust that it knows what to do, alongside creating a space where you feel safe and supported and have the time to make fully informed decisions.

I feel that the post natal period is a time where support is lacking and I am passionate in providing support during this time. The support can come in many ways including settling, support with feeding your baby, support with siblings, debriefing your birth experience or housework and meal prep. 

I am felxible with creating packages that work for your and your partner and look forward to discussing the various oprions with you.

Nundah, QLD 4012
Phone 0414715568 or 414715568
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Added: 3 March 2017 11:34am
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Sacha Rendoth - Doula, Midwife, Nutritionist
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