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Counselling of The Deep

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Psychotherapy and Counseling born with the aim of helping the individuals to develop better solutions and change behaviours, perceptions and find new resources and alternatives.

Understanding triggers, expressing your true self and unconscious contents lead to a better life, new energies, better understanding of reality, enhancement in various aspects of life, for couple, families and individual.

'Counselling of the Deep' is counseling and therapy for individuals and families. The approach and meaning of 'Counseling of the Deep' can ben found in a lot of things together, it is a theory born with the time and experience with people. It is mainly based on theories and experience in different sectors such as:

- Religion

- Anthropology

- Biology

- Genetic

- Phsysics

- Philosphy

- Psychology

- Neuroscience

- Art

The approach of 'Counseling of the Deep' is based on the concept that the mind is not detached from the body. This approach takes into consideration the 'spirit' and the 'spiritual life' in a different way: the 'soul' is emobided and linked to the body. The mind could not exist without body and vice versa. There is not dycotomies of any kind.

Counseling of the Deep involves systems' ability to self organize. Believing in the inner self organization takes into account laws from mathemathics and physics, neural networks, the biology and evolution of the system and the organism, the energy nvolved, personal meaning and morality, behaviours, emotions, thoughts, sensations and intuitions. Everything emerges spontaneously.

Specialised in:

- LGBT Community and related issues such as: depression, substance abuse, coming out, family therapy, isolation, bullism

- Family Therapy and Conflict resolution: divorce, marriage, relationship issues, engagments, children, teenagers, elders
- Sandplay Therapy: junghian theory, children, development of the personality

- Cognitive-Behavioural, Gestal and Narrative Therapy: useful for addictions, individual therapy, stress management, loss, PTSD, OCD, ADHD

-Psychological Assessment: based on qualification and clinical experience. Referrals, DSM-5, light and general assessment of mental and neurological disorders

92a Browne St
New Farm, QLD 4005
Phone 0498269481 or 0498269481
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Counselling of The Deep
Counselling of The DeepCounselling of The DeepCounselling of The DeepCounselling of The DeepCounselling of The DeepCounselling of The DeepCounselling of The DeepCounselling of The Deep
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