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Blake Anderson Counselling & Therapy

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Helping couples connect and communicate.
Couples Counselling specialist - helping couples communicate 
Services: Anxiety, Stress, Anger Management. Depression.

Many couples having difficulty in their relationship experience
patterns of conflict and negative feelings that repeat over and 
These patterns if left untreated become distressing and erode the
goodwill each person has toward the other. Over time criticism, 
defensiveness, contempt and stonewalling begin to take hold and 
a negative cycle of communication becomes the predominant 
way couples try and solve their issues. 
Often the only way out of this cycle is to seek professional help. 
It's crucial that the negative pattern is changed so that 
better communication and connection can restore the goodwill
in the relationship. 

About Blake Anderson Counselling and Therapy

I am a Brisbane based Psychotherapist and Counsellor and have
been practicing for over ten years working with individuals and 
couples in an effort to help them feel better about themselves and 
each other.

I specialise in providing counselling and psychotherapy to people
wanting to improve their current situation, feel better and achieve 
real change.

In our sessions together we will not just talk about change ?
you will learn how to change. My philosophy, and what separates 
my services from others, is that a person?s learning has to be fully 
embodied to last ? that a person needs a real experience of change 
for that change to become permanent. 
It is this experience that I am committed to offering my clients.

Individual Counselling

Helping you with Anxiety, Anger, depression, stress and grief
as well as other issues. The aim of my work with Individuals 
is to help them find their own direction. 

45 Torrens Crescent
Wakerley, QLD 4154
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Added: 3 January 2015 8:30am
Last Edited: 24 November 2016 4:19pm
Blake Anderson Counselling & Therapy
Blake Anderson Counselling & Therapy Blake Anderson Counselling & Therapy Blake Anderson Counselling & Therapy Blake Anderson Counselling & Therapy
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