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EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is used to help release negative emotions which have been keeping you locked to a point in the past.  It can be any type of negative emotion from childhood to present day, and it doesn’t matter how big or small the emotion is, as EFT is all about letting go, so it’s better out than in.

Like all EFT Practitioners we all hone our skills over a long period of time and we all tend to have our special areas where we like to work.  I personally enjoy helping clients overcome and resolve negative emotions which are classed by some as traumatic and terrifying.

Over the years I have been working as a Practitioner I have worked in many areas, and whilst I enjoy specializing, I will however work with any client in any area.  Like most EFT Practitioners we all work with a broad base of clients on many different topics.  I don’t remain focused in only one area, as to me that would be ridiculous, I will see anyone on any topic where negative emotions area holding them back.

However one of the core reasons I continue to work in some of the most traumatic areas of negative emotions is because I love seeing the dramatic changes in clients.  It’s pure joy seeing a client release and let go of trauma right before my eyes.  Whilst I enjoy seeing this happen, it pales compared to the joyful feelings the individual receives when he or she finally lets go of negative emotions.  For example if might be trauma from years of sexual abuse as a child, and in what seems like moments he or she can let it all go, and go on to live a more productive life without this big dark cloud hanging about them

I specialize in helping clients overcome, PTSD, War Issues, Child Abuse, Child Sexual Abuse, Rape and similar trauma.

2 Dehlia St
Marsden, QLD 4132
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Added: 11 March 2017 9:58pm
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EFTEnergy Brisbane
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