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Bowen Therapy in Toowong - Bowen Healing Worx

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My Bowen Therapy Clinic specialising in assisting in the management of stress, anxiety and depression using non-invasive techniques helping clients achieve improved health and wellness. I work with diverse clients who have a range of conditions they have tried many different types of modalities to alleviate their health symptoms. Most had given up hope of finding an improvement to their health challenges - until discovering Bowen Therapy. Bowen Therapy is a very effective complimentary preventative health tool and plays a very important role in maintaining improved general wellbeing. Bowen Therapy treats a range of health conditions including stress, anxiety, depression, neck and head tension, headaches, migraines, whiplash, musculoskeletal pain and imbalance, frozen shoulder, respiratory and asthma complaints, carpal tunnel syndrome, digestive problems. The Bowen Technique uses purposeful and gentle move over the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia stimulating the bodies healing mechanisms to encourage relief from musculoskeletal and related neurological conditions with no documented adverse effects.

8B/48-52 Sherwood Road,
Toowong, QLD, QLD 4066
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Added: 3 June 2018 6:17pm
Last Edited: 3 June 2018 6:17pm
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