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Lisa Cox

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Lisa Cox is an award-winning writer, author, presenter and consultant who is passionate about changing the way disability is represented in mainstream popular culture. But rather than just hoping or tweeting for change, Lisa is a vocal advocate who is actively creating real change by collaborating with peak bodies, groups and individuals who share her vision.

She has uniquely fused her strong academic and professional background in media, advertising and communications with acquired disabilities. It’s this powerful combination of insight and experience which makes Lisa a leader in the conversations around diversity and inclusion.

Changing social attitudes, stopping stereotypes and altering the narrative around disability is what fuels Lisa’s mission to muse, educate, challenge convention and create tangible change in the way disability is represented in mainstream popular culture.

43 Hercules Street,
Hamilton, QLD 4007
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Added: 19 January 2020 10:21pm
Last Edited: 19 January 2020 10:21pm
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