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Brisbane Crime Scene Cleaning

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Brisbane Crime Scene Cleaning

We specialise in the clean up of contaminated sites where biohazard waste and other harmful chemicals are present. Biohazard Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning is a Brisbane based business and is part of the Inspection Corp Trust.

Our biohazard and trauma cleaning technicians have been trained and certified in the safe removal and clean up of contaminated site whether it be from a crime scene, traffic accident, death or suicide, meth lab, hoarders house, sewage leak damage or forensic clean. 

Located in north Brisbane, we are able to quickly respond to emergency biohazard and crime scene cleaning jobs and ensure the contaminated site is remediated back a safe and habitable condition asap. 

Often after a death or traumatic event has occurred, the last thing family and friends need is to deal with the clean up of blood, bodily fluid and other contaminated waste products left behind. This is where we can help, our technicians understand the emotional toll such an event can cause on family and friends and are experts in the remediation of any property affected from a biohazard.

Brisbane Crime Scene Cleaning specialise in the following services:

1. Crime Scene Cleaning - in the event that your house or unit becomes a crime scene and is contaminated by a range of hazardous waste products.

2. Death or Suicide Clean Ups - after a death or suicide there, the body breaks down quickly releasing bodily fluid, urine, blood, faeces and produces a foul odour. There is also the change of infection and disease within these waste products and should always be remediated using the proper safety equipment and cleaning chemicals.

3. Hoarder Homes - The clean up of a hoarders house poses many dangers to those who attempt to have in cleaned. There is often rubbish and waste, animal faeces and urine, mould and other highly dangerous and contaminated items to deal with which require a range of different cleaning methods, chemical, equipment and testing procedures to be undertaken.

4. Meth Lab Clean Ups - Meth labs or clandestine drug labs are highly contaminated and pose huge health risks to those residing or spending time in the property. Due to the dangerous chemical used in the production of meth, a meth cookhouse must be cleaned from floor to ceiling with many items needing to be disposed of. At Brisbane Crime Scene Cleaning we utilise the chemical called Crystal Clean which is sprayed over every surface in the property and is highly effective in breaking down the meth molecule, leaving the property in a safe and habitable state. The clean up of a meth lab is a technical and costly exercise but is crucial to the health and safety of occupants. offer a full meth lab decontamination service from pre-testing to cleaning and post lab testing. We guarantee that once the meth lab affected house has been cleaned that a clearance certificate will be issued or all further remediation work will be completed at our expense.

5. Animal Waste Removal and Decon – We can removal and sterilise any property that is contaminated with animal waste no matter how large or small.

6. Gross Filth – Removal or gross filth and the disposal of rubbish and other bio hazardous materials including blood, urine and faecal matter from both human and animals

7. Needle Clean Ups and Disposal – If you have found a needle or syringe on your premises and need it removed, give us a call and we’ll have it picked up and disposed of in a safe and prompt manner. We also will conduct a through search of the area to ensure there are no more needles on the site. 

8. Blood & Trauma Sterilisation

9. Forensic Sites Clean Up

10. Odour Removal

If your require any of the bio clean up services listed above or one that is not listed, please contact Brisbane Crime Scene Cleaning today to chat with an experienced and certified biohazard & trauma cleaning technician. 

Brisbane, QLD 4000
Added: 3 January 2015 11:37am
Last Edited: 3 January 2015 11:37am
Brisbane Crime Scene Cleaning
Brisbane Crime Scene CleaningBrisbane Crime Scene Cleaning
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