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Alpha Mortgage Solutions

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Alpha Mortgage Solutions is a Mortgage advice service specializing in First Home Buyers / Investors / Refinancing and Home Equity loans. We take great pride in the service we provide; not only do we help you choose a loan tailored to your requirements we assist in the preparation of the application and submit it for you. We know what the lenders are looking for and can dress your application up a little to make it more appealing to the lender as long as it is not misleading. (it is a little like when you have your resume put together by a professional) Once your application has been submitted we keep you regularly updated as to your loans progress; and often resolve issues that come up during the process with the lender, before you will even know about it (less stress for you). We follow your loan from A to Z and keep you up to date of where your loan is at, we are contactable 7 days a week, day or evening for your convenience providing ongoing advice and support. Further we have access to a free 5 part email course for First Home Buyers, which we send by electronic post, it is distributed over 5 weeks. Why go into a loan blind folded when our service is free, we can do a free assessment in the comfort of your own home or if you prefer from a distance, why not ask us now about how you can apply for an Approval in Principle from one of our many lenders, if approved you will then have the confidence to negotiate for your new home or investment property.
Alpha Mortgage Solutions
Phone 0412475554 (mobile)
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