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I am a data expert, who focuses on cost effective data services for small and medium size businesses.

Does your business have IT systems with data such as Excel, Customer tools, other databases, etc?

Maybe you don't have access to this data in a simple fashion?

Maybe your employees spend many hours on time-intensive data tasks (such as editing excel spreadsheets)?

Maybe you don't have any IT systems, and rely on paper invoicing? How are you further promoting your products and services to these customers?

Maybe you know you need an IT solution, but have no idea what you need?

Data can be used for many purposes, such as..

  1. Generating reports to identify sales opportunities
  2. Generate mailing lists for promotional activities
  3. System auditing for staff performance verification
  4. Chase up outstanding payments
  5. Data migration to new systems

I can help! I have 10+ years experience in this field, am tertiary qualified in IT (System Design) and Business. I work full-time on the largest IT project in Australia's history. I am available out of hours and weekends, allowing convenient and discreet work where needed. My rates are $100 per hour + GST (payment onsite). I can often give initial advice in less than 1-2 hours. Many tasks can be accomplished in less than 10 hours.

Some types of jobs I can do for you.

  • Export sales data from Point of Sale (POS) and other Customer Management Tools (formal name: Customer Relationship Management tools, or CRM)
  • Set up automated reports, to avoid your staff manually generating reports every week, month, etc.
  • Data export (normally can be done quite quickly)
  • Data manipulation
  • Data migration.. are you changing systems soon, and want to maintain all your old data?
  • Data cleaning.. some of this can be automated, or advice can be given on how to effectively achieve the manual process
  • Data management plans.. help your staff to understand how data works and why consistency is key
  • Data structure.. planning to build a new system/database to store customer, or other, information.. please don't use Excel!! It will cost you in the long run
  • MS Office formulas, macros, and VBA
  • Advice on current or possible new systems and infrastructure
  • Staff training in systems and data management

I have seen many cases where small and medium size businesses employ friends or family to implement inappropriate IT systems which end up costing these companies tens-of-thousands of dollars in maintenance/replacement in the future. Save the hassle now with something as simple as advice.

Sometimes I will need to recommend tools/systems, I always try to use 'Open Source', or 'Public Domain' meaning you can implement these tools at no cost, entirely legally. No unlicensed, or illegally downloaded products are implemented.. ever.

For more advanced organisations: Database design, SQL scripts, SQL database setup, MS SQL, MySQL, .net, Java, Android SDK, Facebook and Mobile advertising, SEO, Google Analytics, websites, Joomla, Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Sage CRM, ManageEngine ServiceDesk, OTRS, Kayako Fusion, VM, Networking, Hardware, Backup, Monitoring, Data Recovery.

Zillmere, QLD 4034
Phone 0406 600 083
Added: 5 March 2013 12:48pm
Last Edited: 5 March 2013 5:13pm
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