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Virus Busters - Virus Removal, PC Repairs, Upgrades and Installations

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Virus Busters has been servicing Logan City and the South Side of Brisbane for about 10 years.
We treat every customer with respect and importance, we believe in retaining customers by delivering ultimate service.
Specialisingin Virus Removal, Seemless Computer Reloads, Custom Built Computers, Upgrades, Repairs and New Installations, Networking and much more.

Spyware, Malware, Trojan & Virus Removal - Maybe you've noticed unwanted popups or that you're getting fake messages that you have a virus. Is your computer running slow? Or perhaps your internet no longer works and you suspect you have a virus or something nasty that has taken over. At Virus Busters we specialise in removal of Spyware, Malware, Trojan & Virus's.

Home Networking - Do you have a few computers that you would like to share the information between? Or perhaps you have a laptop and would like to print wirelessly. The average home now days has more than one computer, we can help you by networking them together so you may share resources, even hardware like hard drives, printers and scanners or perhaps an Xbox. Wireless or wired, there are so many options now days to run everything wirelessly why not ask Virus Busters what's best for you.

Speeding up your computer - Is your computer all sluggish and has slowed down over time? Or you're just looking for better speed to play games or use the internet. This is where we can help you without any trouble at all and offer a range of solutions to choose from.

Time for a new computer -Why not ask Virus Busters to provide you with a quote to meet your budget as we specialise in custom building computers to your needs. Or why not choose one of our standard machines for Gaming, Office, Student or perhaps a second hand computer. Transferring your old data to your new computer is easy for us.

Repairs, Upgrades and New Installations - Has something stopped working and you would like it replaced or repaired? Would you like to install another hard drive, or just upgrade the one you have? Are you thinking about more memory (RAM) or a faster CPU? Just brought a new computer and would like it all set up? At Virus Busters we aim to have your computer repaired or upgraded the same day.

Laptops - We are happy to look at your laptop if there is trouble with Software or a Virus, however we do not carry parts for them. What we can do is provide a Quote to repair, a fee of $65 will incure. If you choose to go ahead with the repair the Quote Fee will be used as part of that repair cost.

Windows 7 - Would you like to update to Windows 7, Book your computer in for a free quote that will outline what is required for your computer to run Windows 7

Data Backup and Retrieval - Ok so you've deleted a file or folder or you've accidently formatted your hard drive and you want some of the data that is on there. At Virus Busters we have professional programs that help us restore your data, as long as a virus hasnt affected it. There are ways we can help you protect your data from accidentle deletion, formating or break down. Let Virus Busters help you preserve your precious data. Whether we store it locally (same place) or Offsite (stored securely on an external storage location).

153 Juers Street
Kingston, QLD 4114
Virus Busters - Virus Removal, PC Repairs, Upgrade
Phone (04) 1871 0610
Added: 2 November 2010 9:23am
Last Edited: 2 November 2010 9:23am
Virus Busters - Virus Removal, PC Repairs, Upgrades and Installations
Virus Busters - Virus Removal, PC Repairs, Upgrades and InstallationsVirus Busters - Virus Removal, PC Repairs, Upgrades and Installations
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